Call for Papers

Philosophical Reflection and Technological Change

New technologies change how we live and seem set to do so at an accelerating pace. What role is there for philosophical reflection in this process? Are there insights within the history of philosophy concerning how we think about technology and technological change which could be usefully brought to bear? How is contemporary philosophy of technology affecting the process of technological change, or how should it be affecting it? We invite contributions addressing these and related questions, which may either seek to contribute to contemporary debates within the philosophy of technology, reflect in general upon these debates and their role within the process of technological change, or draw out insights from the history of philosophy about how we should think about technology and technological change. We invite extended abstracts of 1000 words (maximum – excluding bibliography, if you include one). Authors of the abstracts we select will be invited to submit a full paper (4000 words maximum, excluding bibliography). Papers will be subject to peer-review, and those selected will be published alongside invited papers.

 Deadline for Abstracts: 31 December, 2019

Deadline for Full Papers: 31 May, 2020

Publication: December 2020

 Submission guidelines:

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